Addiction: An Alarming Picture

An addict or alcoholic who recovers from the nightmare of addiction is a dramatic example of resilience and an invaluable source of hope for the betterment and well-being of loved ones and their community.

One out of every 5 people in Quebec will be directly affected by addiction in the course of their lives. The annual costs of substance abuse are estimated at $ 8.7 billion in this province alone: productivity losses, health care, and law enforcement are primary examples. Nineteen percent (19%) of short-term hospital stays and twenty-one percent (21%) of deaths are directly related to substance abuse.

Many addicts are left to their own devices when they leave treatment, after weeks or months of having full time professional support. Returning to dysfunctional environments leaves them vulnerable and at risk. They are once again marginalized from “normal” life. 

It is no wonder that 60% to 65% of addicts relapse in the first year following treatment.

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The Pain
Behind the Numbers

Isolation, anxiety, shame, distress and despair can lead to violence - both domestic and social - as well as to self-harm and often to suicide.

The impact of substance abuse is felt far and wide, from family environments to the work place and beyond, from personal pain to the collapse of family systems and loss of financial stability and security. Friends, family, coworkers and whole organizations suffer consequences of one addict’s or alcoholic’s disease.

What Drives Us

These men and women who choose to live their life free of drugs and alcohol deserve to have their efforts supported. We aim to increase their chances of success at a clean and sober life, help a greater number reintegrate society, flourish and become responsable and productive citizens.

We feel a sense of empathy towards these men and women who work towards becoming the best version of themselves that they can be.

Our conviction drives us and is unshakeable.