Who is David Chiasson 

I am as empty as a dry bath tub. Since forever. Who persists in wanting their own water drained? Who would empty himself to this state of dry, to this state of it’s just not funny anymore. Life has drained itself, emptiness has drained me a thousand times over. Every sunrise, drained. I am an empty bath tub, withdrawn, within, without water. I need fresh water. This old, tired thing that I have become dreams of fresh streams and gentle laps of water! No longer do I want the world, I just want a quiet stream, a gurgling brook that gurgles gently in my ears. It is the window into the world that I need. A peak into the freshness of a good day, glimpses of light sprinkled onto its surface. Until that happens, I help myself to a glass of water and I try to extract myself from the heavy, relentless mountain of accrued consequences. Lord, I am so dry.
David Chiasson

david chiasson2

David Chiasson, whose hope of life wavered at the age of 25, was an intelligent being, of great sensitivity and profound humanity.

His quest for absolute brings him to rub shoulders with the hell of dependence. At the age of 22, some time after his return from a long journey to India, anguished by the inner emptiness and the life that was drying up in him, he goes into therapy for detoxification. He leaves sober and abstinent.

He wins a first battle but not the war.

david chiasson
Like a wounded soldier on the lonely road of life, he returns to his world little by little. A weakened world. He is struggling to cling to hope. He makes a first relapse, then another. In 2000, under the influence of his drug of choice, he took his life.

David loved to surround himself with people who understood the pain and desperation of addiction. He sometimes coexisted with friends still struggling with addiction problems. As much as he loved being with them, he would have liked to help them ...

His memory will continue to live through the David-Chiasson houses.

Members of the Board of Directors of the David Chiasson Foundation

Louis T. Lemay
Lemay Architectes

Jean E. Auger, M.A. Sc. compt.
Retired associate

Noémie Frappier
Executif Director,
ADS Signalisation

Frédérique Albert
Founder and CEO
FRED & CO \ Événements

Louisiane Gauthier, M.A. (psy)
Chairwoman of the board
Vision Diversité

Alexandre Dumas
Vice-president, corporate communications, National

Pascal Duquette, BAA, Msc, CFA 
Managing Director
Fondation HEC Montréal

Pierre Benoît
Supertek Canada Inc

Philippe Vanier
Residents’ Delegate

Antoine Chiasson, M.d., B.Sc,
Honorary board member

Resident Doctor
Université de Montréal 

Jean-Pierre Chiasson, M.d.
F.A.S.A.M., C.C.S.A.M,
Fellow de l'American Society
of Addiction Medicine
Founder and CEO
Clinique Nouveau Départ

Jacques D. Pérusse
Entreprises SOVANIC Inc.

Jocelyn Rioux, Adm.A., C.M.C., PCC
Plan B société de Coaching

Pierre Audette, B.A. 
Executif Director